From the press

From the press

Today we would like to share an interview that appeared in the Bulgarian press.

The interview was published in. Standard, and its author is Ivan Petrov. Here is a small sample of it.

"- What are the guidelines for Chinese investment interest in Bulgaria?

- In China, Bulgaria is best known for its Rose Valley and yoghurt. The idea is that we are centenarians, we have wonderful nature and our health and longevity is due largely to the yogurt and other natural products we use both in food and in cosmetics. Of course, the main glory of Bulgarian rose oil.

Not surprisingly, most tourists from China and other Far Eastern countries, Japan, Korea and others. namely visit Rose Valley, Karlovo and Kazanlak during the picking and the Feast of the Rose. In this note the Chinese come to Bulgaria not even have direct aviopoleti between the two countries nor has Bulgarian tourist agent in China. Chinese tourists and tour operators to organize themselves using the link to Istanbul, rarely to Vienna and from there move to Bulgaria and the Valley of Roses. "

"- So we can expect concrete Chinese investment in the region of Plovdiv and Rose Valley?

- Many major Chinese investors show increasing interest in the industrial zone of Karlovo, near the village. Vedrare that lies on this route and in fact in the very geographical center of Bulgaria. This was the analysis of the lead analyst and a major investor in China, Mr. Nelson Wong at the forum in Shanghai. The president of ACN Worldwide Mr. Wong is not only very rich man, but a global specialist in the development of infrastructure investment projects. He has already visited the area twice with their experts and is committed to its team in China and young Bulgarian specialists, which is a very good indicator. His visit is expected in the first quarter of 2016 in Bulgaria. Such mega project could revitalize the entire area of ​​the sub-Balkan, create livelihood of all municipalities of Karlovo Kazanlak and immediate results from the price of the estates of people will sharply increase, they will have a permanent job, and the area will again become industrial and infrastructure center.

The issue is to be able to offer Chinese investors sufficiently large areas with adequate infrastructure in the area, and state and municipal authorities to fully cooperate with the intentions of investors. Another advantage is that in the region of Sub-Balkan has enough skilled and technically savvy workforce, thanks to specialized high schools and former colleges, and professionals worked a long time in the military and machine building enterprises in the region. However, the main need is to prepare concrete investment projects with clear and understandable by investors business plan. Chinese companies would have shown serious interest in Bulgarian enterprises in the region to produce kozemetika and pharmaceutical products based on natural (rose, lavender, herbs, grapes, etc.). To summarize, three things are necessary to begin to attract a particular Chinese investment: land, skilled labor, well-prepared business plan. "

The entire interview can be read

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