Rose essential oil

Rose essential oil

The first rose oil in Bulgaria was distilled, most probably, in year 1655. In year 1820, the first rose-trading firm was set up in Kazanluk town and the town became the center of Bulgarian rose oil production.

As result of its 350-year-long tradition in the manufacture of rose oil, Bulgarian rose oil is recognized as the highest quality rose oil worldwide.

It is everlasting.

Concum Bulgarian rose oil, manufactured during 1940-ies, costs nowdays more than $20 000 and it is hard to find. The global market demand for Bulgarian rose oil is still greater than its supply.

Bulgarian rose oil is an ingredient of the most expensive perfume in the world, namely Her Majesty of Clive Christian. A 500-milliliter flacon of it costs 19 500 euro. Every drop of this perfume contains rose essence, obtained from the distillation of 170 rose blossoms.

At present, the purchasers of Bulgarian rose oil include world-famous perfume-producing companies firms like Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior, Estee Lauder and the US company named International Flavours and Fragrances. 
Rose oil is an ingredient of one of the most popular perfumes at all times/for everlasting time, namely Chanel №5 – it is the only thing, which Marylin Monroe put on her body before going to bed. Nowadays, a vial of this perfume is sold once per every 30 seconds.

Rose oil is extracted from rose petals through steam or water-steam distillation. The essential oil, which gives a rose its fragrance, is situated in rose blossoms and in rose leaves, as rose petals are the main secreting part of rose flower.

The rose essential oil of the highest quality and in great demand is extracted from the cultivated in Bulgaria Rosa damascena, grown in the Rose Valley, where the climate condition are the most appropriate ones for rose cultivation.

It has been proved, that rose oil has the following healing effects upon human body:

Powerful anti-depressant
Exceptionally anti-inflammatory effect
Anti-septic antispasmodic
Antiviral effect
Tranquilizing and refreshing effect
An aphrodisiac
Bactericidal Cicatrizing
Skin pH balace



Methods for identifying the genuine Bulgarian rose oil
  • True Bulgarian rose oil is crystallized at a temperature of 17 to 20 degrees, and the reduction of the temperature - respectively solidified. Even in a liquid state (over 20 degrees), the oil solidified after a short placement in a refrigerator.
  • By pipetting onto a clean, white towel and leave to dry genuine Bulgarian rose oil leaves no traces.
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