The rose valley

The rose valley

The Rose Valley (also called The Valley of Roses) is a region in central Bulgaria, where the famed Bulgarian oil-bearing grows.

The Rose Valley is not strictly defined geopgraphically. Most often, the term Rose Valley refers to the rose fields around the cities of Kazanlak and Karlovo, located 30 miles apart.

The elevation of the Rose Valley is between 990 and 2300 feet. The mild climate, particularly the spring weather, with its frequent rainfalls in June, soft sunshine, humid winds, cool nights and cloudiness, provides the perfect condition for oil-bearing plants, especially roses, and for distillation of high-quality oils.

The Rose is the most recognizable simbol of Bulgaria. The Bulgarian Rose Oil OTTO is a requisite for high quality perfumes. 
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Rose picking is one of the oldest and traditional customs of Bulgarians. Bulgarian producers have been leader in the growing and production of roses for centuries.
The extraction of Bulgarian rose essential oil is accompanied by centuries-old cultural traditions. Rose-picking is done manually and the picking of roses begins very early in the morning.

Within the borders of present-day Bulgaria, the first documents about rose plants date from 300 ago, as the Bulgarian essential oil-bearing rose is the symbol of Bulgaria. The high price of Bulgarian rose essential oil on the international market is justified with its excellent quality. It is a part of the most famous parfumes in the whole world.

Usually, 1 kilogram of rose essential oil is obtained from approximately 5 tons of rose blossom.
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