Bulgaria is a country situated in South-eastern Europe, bordering:
to the north on Romania,
to the west on upon Serbia and the Republic of Macedonia,
to the south on Greece and Turkey,
to the east on the Black Sea.

Romania - 609 kilometers long, out of which 470 kilometers along a river;
Serbia - 341 kilometers long, out of which 26 kilometers along a river;

The longest river on the territory of Bulgaria is the river Danube – 470 kilometers long (in its Bulgarian section). The river Danube rises in Schwarzwald mountain range, Germany, as it has late vernal-summer high water/high tide and during colder winters, it freezes. It represents a natural border between Bulgaria and Romania.

Climate here is temperate continental with a hot summer and a cold winter.  The average height above sea level here is 178 meters. The local annual average temperature is 10,5°C. The total yearly precipitation ranges from 470 up to 953 liters per square meter.

Lifestyle and culture
Lifestyles and cultures in what is now Bulgaria have developed over thousands of years. The country is located at the crossroad between Europe and Asia, and the lands of Bulgaria have been populated since antiquity.

The holidays that are most honored by Bulgarians are undoubtedly Christmas and Easter – when the generations all celebrate together, united by the feeling of belonging to the harmonious Bulgarian family.

The Rose Festival
Every spring wake thousands of pink flowers that have become a symbol of glamor and flavor carrying the joy and dreams. Because of the beauty of the blooming rose gardens and fragrances that leaf over them in the valley that grows oil rose is called the Valley of Roses.

Honor of the Bulgarian rose is a symbol of people's worship of beauty. The pink color is intertwined in embroidery, repeated in clothing and jewelry, recreating in legends, music and dance, is a measure of lasting beauty. Therefore, people renowned for their holiday this beautiful flower that springs to life to create mood and poetry of our days.

In honor of the queen of flowers, each year during the first week of June in Kazanlak is held the Rose festival. It has become an international event in which thousands of tourists and entertain guests.
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