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A Bulgarian rose from me


 A Bulgarian rose from me

In 2000, the song which extols Pasha Hristova Bulgarian rose, becomes a song of the century. Meanwhile, Bulgarian rose invariably blossoms every spring south of the mountain, in the Rose Valley.

Beautiful and sensitive colors of roses dissolve before dawn and experienced pickers become dark to be able to gather them before they wilted. At sunrise the valley in pink and tireless workers gather ripe buds. This idyllic picture happens every year in late May. Bulgaria is one of the biggest producers of rose oil, which is used in perfumery and cosmetics industry.

Historically, the use of roses for cosmetic purposes and their cultivation began in ancient Egypt and ancient India. Nomadic Arab tribes rose reach Persia and Tunisia in the IX century and objectives 7 centuries later entering Europe.

Roses grown in Bulgaria are of variety "red rose oil" variety of Rosa damascena (Rose of Damascus). Rose Valley, as we know it today was formed in the XIX century and two centuries earlier began growing roses in our land in the region of Edirne.

Bulgarian rose, however, is his rival in the Dutch tulip. The symbol of the "flat" side gaining strength and admirers in Europe and the world and occupies a dangerous advantage over native queen of flowers. Battle begins for the imposition of Bulgarian rose.

This leads to action at Sofia airport, where volunteers handed out freshly picked roses from Rose Valley to passengers arriving at the airport. People just stepped on Bulgarian land, receive a welcome rose by participants in the campaign. The idea is to draw attention to Rose Valley and people dealing with the difficult task to maintain tradition in the cultivation of oil rose.
If the history of Bulgarian rose, they is excited not too late to join the big Rose Festival, which will be held this weekend in Kazanlak, and immerse yourself in the fragrant fairy that the valley offers.

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